Unleash Your Inner Artist

15 thoughts on “Unleash Your Inner Artist

    1. Kia ora Dexter, it looks like the Manga App has broken on Google’s server. I have added some alternative Google Art Experiments to try in the meantime. Hopefully if Google fix it I will add the link again.

      Ngā mihi

  1. Hi my name is sia and I am 9 and I love this and it is cool and fun and I like when I do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kia Ora My Name Is Willietony

    I’m 12 and this Artwork really inspires me. It’s really fun and creative, I love this activity. The Manga was really hard but Fun. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do these fun activities. I appreciated it.

    Nga Mihi Nui

    1. Thank you Willietony, I am glad you were able to access the Manga, it has been very popular. You might have noticed that it is not accessible on Google’s server anymore… I am wondering if we broke it!
      I have replaced it with a a couple of other experiments that you might find interesting too.

      Kia manahau! Enjoy!
      Mrs Grant

  3. Kia Ora ,This summer learning journey is the best one yet. It’s cool how you mention MANGA which is one of my favourite types of comics and it really is fun. This is a great idea for art and it has lots of unique details.

  4. Kia Ora, my name is Leata from Room 8. I really LOVE doing the manga work, I also want to say where did you get this idea of creating a manga (REALLY WANT TO KNOW). Also can you please check out my BLOG, it is really GOOD (that means check MANGA out).

  5. Kia Ora, My name is Kaiya, i go to Edmund Hillary School. I am in Room 10

    I cant wait to do these activities. But my teacher won’t let me and i don’t have WiFi at home!

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