Hundertwasser Art

Super Sight – Explore Refraction


This week’s Nanogirl challenge is to build a magnifying glass. Watch the video to see how Nanogirl builds a water magnifying glass and use the pdf below to explore some cool things you can do by bending light. Share something you have learnt in this challenge that you didn’t know before.
Complete the Nanogirl activity – Treasure Hunt – Create your science toolkit to help you with this activity



Share the following on your blog.

  • Take a photo of your water magnifying glass and share on your blog.
  • Share how far away from the glass does the arrow have to be before it looks upside down?
  • Describe any other see-through surfaces which make light refract?
  • Can you use your water magnifying glass to look at other tiny things? What
    details can you see which you don’t normally notice?