Colour Block Landscape @ AM

2 thoughts on “Colour Block Landscape @ AM

  1. Kia Ora Mrs Penno
    Jamie here from St Pats! When I saw this activity, I wondered, ‘what is a colour block landscape??’ When I figured out what we were supposed to make, I went ‘ohhh’

    Asides from that, this activity looks really fun and I can’t wait to do it after I post this comment. The instructional video by Art with Trista really helped; so thanks for adding that in. If you’d like to see my blog and the activity I’ll post later, click on this link:
    Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day and an even lovelier New Year!! God bless.

  2. Kia ora Jamie,
    Thank you for making a comment. I have been away on holiday so have only come back to check for comments this week.
    When I first found this activity I was also not quite sure what a colour block activity was! I am glad that the instructional video was helpful.
    I often use rewindable learning – a video you can stop and start, and rewind – to help me learn new things.
    I hope you are enjoying this years Summer Learning Journey? What has been your favourite activity so far? Nā, Mrs Penno

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