Connecting with your Whenua – Kick Start

7 thoughts on “Connecting with your Whenua – Kick Start

  1. Kia Ora Whaea Stacy
    this activity sounds so FUN! I hope I can try this activity tomorrow if my family and I take a walk. Do you think I could do this in my own garden? I have small trees and lots of plants. Please reply soon!!!

    I hope you have a nice walk, and after the walk; what was your favorite plant or thing you saw in the reserve?

    Have a lovely day Whaea Stacy, enjoy your holiday and God bless you and your family!!

    1. Kia ora Jamie,

      You can ABSOLUTELY do it in your own garden! I hope you get a chance to do this!

      My favourite parts of the walk are always just looking at the amazing plants we have here in Aotearoa! I always hope to see native birds as well!

      I hope you are having a wonderful day!

      Whaea Stacey

      1. Kia Ora Whaea Stacy
        thank you for replying to my comment. I’m looking forward to trying this out in my garden!!

        Here’s my blog if you want to check it out:

        Thank you for replying, have a lovely rest of your holiday and God bless!

    1. Kia ora Lucus, Yes absolutely. The commenting team’s last day is Monday 22nd January. Any posts over the weekend will be counted towards your SLJ tally.

      Also all the activities will stay available on the blog if you want to try any that you didn’t get to do over the last six weeks.

      ngā mihi,
      Mrs Grant

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