The Summer Saturday Special: Week 5

4 thoughts on “The Summer Saturday Special: Week 5

  1. Hi Mrs Grant, Shreeya Here.
    I would just like to know when the SLJ is going to end because I am in india also participating in the SLJ and it’s nearly time to come back to Christchurch, I am coming back on the 24th Jan, so if it finishes before that, that will be great.

    1. Hi Shreeya, thanks for being in touch. This week is our last week of the Summer Learning Journey. The final day for new tasks is the 19th of January. Safe journey back home Shreeya. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


  2. Kia Ora Mrs Grant
    this week’s activities have really been so much fun and challenging, so I just want to say thank you to you, the SLJ commenters, SLJ creators, Mr Goodwin and my fellow bloggers for this wonderful – and busy SLJ.

    This is my last year of SLJ since I’m year 8, so I will miss being busy during the school holidays and looking in my Gmail for any new blog comments! I hope you and everyone else has a GREAT rest of their holidays, God bless and have a lovely day!!!

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