Whai Māori String Games – Kick Start

5 thoughts on “Whai Māori String Games – Kick Start

  1. Hi Michelle
    Would you be able to copy the links to the youtube videos for me please as I cant click on them because they are showing unavailable?

    1. Kia ora Lucas,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this and try and fix it quickly. When it is all fixed I will let you know here in the comments that it is good to go. In the mean time have you tried making the human sundial? It looks like a lot of fun.


      1. thank you
        I am just catching up on other ones i have not finished or blogged yet as it is currently raining here.

          1. thank you. Are we still able to post after Friday or do we have to have everything blogged by then too? I’m just asking as some of the tasks I need my Dad for like laser maze and he is not off work till weekend? thanks

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