Our Final SLJ Saturday Summary for 2023-2024

Kia ora Summer Learning Journey Bloggers. Wow… what an awesome 6 weeks it has been. The SLJ Team have relished the opportunity to read and comment on all your posts. A lot of your creativity has also inspired other bloggers. We noticed this, especially your comments and the connections some of you have been making with other participants. Ka mau te wehi!

Friday 19th January (yesterday) was the final day of the Summer Learning Journey. Any posts and comments published over the weekend will be counted towards your points.

We will be tallying up all the points and preparing certificates and prizes that will be sent to your schools and published on the website later in February. If you were a Year 8 last year or have moved to another school we will let your previous school know.

Thank you again for all your awesome feedback in the comments on this blog. Best wishes to everyone for an awesome 2024 filled with lots of learning, creating and sharing!

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou!

6 thoughts on “Our Final SLJ Saturday Summary for 2023-2024

  1. Hello SLJ team
    Sophia from Marshland School. I can’t believe the summer learning journey is over already. It was such a fun activity to do and I enjoyed soo much. Thank you for all your amazing team commenting and supporting us when we posted our blog and I can’t wait for next year!
    See you then

  2. Hello Summer Learning Journey,

    Mark here from the St Francis School, I really like how you post fun activities. My favorite activity so far is all of them. So thank you so much. What is your favorite activity that you made/post ?

    Bye For Now

    God Bless Summer Learning Journey Forever.


  3. Hello Summer Learning Journey,

    Mark is here from the St Francis School again, I love the Summer Learning Journey so much that I do the activities everyday. You are amazing please let me tell you that. I am 100 % grateful for everything you have done for us over the holidays. Take good care of yourself and your family.


    – Mark

  4. Kia Ora Mrs Grant and SLJ team
    thank you for this amazing, fun and exciting summer Learning Journey. The activities posted and the comments written made me excited to wake up everyday! I can’t believe this is my last year of SLJ, so I made sure to do as many activities as I could, and reply to all the comments in my blog posts!

    God bless you all – my fellow bloggers and SLJ team. Keep up the GREAT work and remember; quality is ALWAYS over quantity.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

    Your fellow blogger and commenter,

  5. Hi Their SLJ team,

    I want to thank everyone who has helped in this years SLJ! You guys really do make it so fun for all us kids that participate in the SLJ tasks! This is my first year doing the SLJ and I can definitely say I will do it again next year because of how fun all the challenges were! It has been so fun learning new things and pushing our technology skills to the limits! So again a HUGE thank you to the SLJ team! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holidays with their family and friends also that everyone has a great year and gets some well deserved rest!

    Ka Kite!

    Nga Mihi Annabel!

  6. Hi Summer Learning Journey team,
    It’s Isa here from New Brighton Catholic School. Thank you for another wonderful year of activities, I had a great time doing all the fun things you have set us.
    Thank you!
    From Isa

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