Poetry Slam – Rua – Shape poems


4 thoughts on “Poetry Slam – Rua – Shape poems

  1. Tena Koe Matua Dave,

    I’m Te Raumati from Panmure Bridge School. I have enjoyed attempting this actvity and have completed the kick start task. But I am not able to record myself reading my poem as I don’t have any space on my chromebook to record another video.

    Would I be allowed to just to only put my poem onto my blog?

    Thank you
    Te Raumati

    1. Kia ora Te Raumati,

      What a shame there isn’t space on your chromebook. Have you tried some of the online recorders? Maybe Clipchamp may work for you. Check it out here.

      Let me know how you get on! If that doesn’t work for you feel free to just share the poem to your blog.

      -Mrs Clifford

      1. Kia Ora Kelsey,

        Thank you for replying to my comment and suggesting a website I could use. Unfortunately, I was not able to access it but I still showed my shape poem on my blog. Thank you still for suggesting that website.

        Happy holidays!
        Te Raumati

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