How Good Is Your Memory?

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  1. Just another question, are we allowed to do the activities that were from like yesterday or like this week we haven’t done?

    1. Kia ora CingCing,

      Of course!!! Complete the activities in any order you choose. The aim is to complete at least three a week.

      You are more than welcome to do the ones from any time during the summer. But the ones posted after the 12th of December are the ones that count towards prizes.

      Happy Blogging!

      -Mrs Clifford

  2. Hi! I was just wondering

    When I did my first activity, I got a comment from one of the SLJ members (team), but the past 8 I have done haven’t received any comments from the team yet. I’m just wondering if this is usually what happens because I just started the SLJ this year!

    Thanks, Emilee.

    1. Kia ora Emilee,

      Thank you for letting us know. I am so sorry we haven’t left any more comments. I have found your blog now and will have a look at your tasks now 🙂

      Theresa (SLJ)

  3. Kia Ora Team! It is Patrick here from St Francis of Assisi Catholic School!

    This activity was really fun! I learnt what Mnemonics are and how Rainbows are formed! Wondering what other exciting activities await me.


  4. Tena Koe Cheryl,

    I’m Te Raumati from Panmure Bridge School. This sounds like a really interesting and fun activity to attempt. I’ve decided to try out the kick start actvity, but I am not able to record myself as I don’t have any space for more recordings.

    So would it be okay if I create a DLO to share my mnemonics?

    Thank you
    Te Raumati

    1. Kia ora Te Raumati,

      We would love to see any interpretation of these tasks and totally understand that sometimes technology doesn’t give us exactly what we need at the time.
      So post away!

      -Mrs Clifford

  5. Kia ora team!
    Charlie here from Marshlands school.
    Did you know that there are heaps of other ways to memorise things? I know that this is just focusing on the mnemonic way, but there are heaps of things out there. In my class I am usually known for being a good speller, so here is the way I do it. When I learnt how to spell the word Taumatawhakatangihhangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu (very long word) I imagined different scenarios (Its very random) and broke up the word so it would be easier to memorise. I also mispronounced it on purpose inside my head to make it less complicated.
    There is also a way that most professional memorisers use. The technique is called memory place, also known as the loci technique. It’s when you imagine you’re walking down a familiar place(Ect: Your house, Your classroom or just someplace you know well) You associate the things you want to memorise with the things you do in that area. For example, if you were memorising pi, you could start off with 3.14159, that would be you opening the door.
    Sorry for the long comment 🙁

    1. Kia ora Charlie,

      Wow that is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that tip with us. It sounds like a very useful way to recall information. I too often misspell things in my head when I am trying to remember how to say them out-loud – it’s crazy how your brain works!

      Keep up the great work,

      Happy Blogging!

      – Mrs Clifford

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