Sing Without Sound

11 thoughts on “Sing Without Sound

    1. Kia ora Subreen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You need to make a copy of the slides to be able to edit them. If you go to file > make a copy > Entire Presentation you will then be able to access.


      – Mrs Clifford

  1. Hello there, I was wondering if I could sign another song from a different NZ music artist? (etc, Adeaze or L.A.B)

    1. Kia ora Charlie,

      Of course – that sounds great, although quite challenging. Good luck & Enjoy!

      – Mrs Clifford

  2. Kia Ora,
    Where can I find the activity sheet for activity 1, when I click create it takes me to the instructions video. Thank you

    1. Kia ora Georgia,

      I have just updated the task to make it more streamlined for you to complete – if you refresh your page and then click on make a copy you should be able to complete the slides 2-5 which is the task.

      Happy Blogging,

      – Mrs Clifford

  3. Hi, this task really helps me to understand the sign language alphabet. Also its I really fun task to learn about😄

    1. Kia ora Leata,

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed this activity. I’ll have to go to your blog and check out your work!

      – Mrs Clifford

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