Summer Graphic Design Project

6 thoughts on “Summer Graphic Design Project

  1. Hi, Leata here
    this task is really fun to do, I just finished the kick start and step it up task. I think I like the kick start task, because you get to make your very own SUMMER POSTER. Also, you should check my 2 task I finished.

    – Leata RM8

  2. Kia ora,
    My name is McKenzye and I’m from Owairaka District School.
    This task was really fun to do because I had to think where to put the animated figures.
    I posted it on my blog already and hope you have time to check my blog.
    Blog you later.

  3. Hi Pixie-Rose here I can not complete my comic because the site wants me to pay a dollar so I have to wait to I get back to school


    1. Kia ora Pixie-Rose,

      You shouldn’t have to pay to make the comic at all. I am wondering if you are trying to get an image that belongs to someone else – maybe you could draw the design in google draw or find a free version online?

      Happy Blogging!

      – Mrs Clifford

    2. Hi Pixie-Rose

      Thanks for reaching out and letting us know you’re having a problem with accessing the graphic assets. Kelsey’s right you don’t need to pay for anything if you’re using the resources we provided.

      Have you tried to make a copy of the template/s on the slide deck? They are called Summer Comic Strip Template 1 and Summer Comic Strip Template 2. Both are free. Once you’ve made your own copy, you’ll see there are lots of comic graphics that you can customise and resize to whatever you want.

      Let us know how you get on, and come back to us if you have any more problems.
      I’m looking forward to seeing your post for this activity, Pixie-May 😉

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