SLJ Groove Pizza step it up

8 thoughts on “SLJ Groove Pizza step it up

  1. Kia Ora, Willa here from NBC,
    I love how we got to use groove pizza it was a lively activity.
    I can’t wait for the next activity I hope it is as fun as this one
    why did you choose to use groove pizza ?
    Nga mihi
    Willa Andrews

    1. Kia ora Willa

      I chose groove Pizza because I love making music and wanted to find something that all our awesome students from around the country could try out over the summer! Keep up all your hard work!

    1. Give it a go Boston! It can take some time to get used to making beats but once you get the hang of it you will find it’s a very cool tool for creating with!

  2. Kia ora jacobwalkerkaikohekohefacilitator!
    Thank you for sharing your learning with us!
    Do you like Billie Eilish?

    1. No worries Elsa. I am not a huge fan of Billie, but I do appreciate her music and she was one of the first artists in my opinion who went outside pop music norms blending genres and styles that would normally not be considered for commercial tastes. She also absolutely has one of the best voices in music I believe.

  3. Kia ora Jacob Walke, Swaimah here from Pt England School. I love everything about this groove pizza website/app. I’ve really enjoyed making my album cover for my music. I also added some lyrics that goes with the beat of my music.


    Do you like Billie Elish?
    How’d You find the website/app of groove pizza?

    Thanks Swaimah <3

    1. Kia ora Swaimah, I found the app through students who I work with. They showed me and I though it would be super fun for everyone to try!

      I am not a super massive fan of Billie Eilish however I do appreciate her musicianship and she does have an amazing voice.

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