Colourblock Landscape @ PM

3 thoughts on “Colourblock Landscape @ PM

    1. Kia ora ano Jamie,
      I am glad you found this activity fun to do and that you found the instructions clear enough to follow easily. It is always tricky when setting up these activities to know how much information you give you amazing creative tamariki, and how much just to let you go for it yourselves! I decided on this activity for the SLJ because all the tamariki I work with as my role as facilitator love using Google Drawing to create with. The results always blow me away! Thank you for making the time to comment. Nā, M

  1. Kia ora Mrs Penno, Swaimah here.
    I really love doing art and one thing i love to make in art are sunsets. For this task I did a sunset with gradients too as you asked. I added a sun obviously, A palm tre with coconuts, A mountain and a ocean. Tried my best to make this art good as possible. You can check out my blog on:


    Have you made your own piece of art?
    If you have, Was it challenging?

    Swaimah <3

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