Shadow Art Kick Start

8 thoughts on “Shadow Art Kick Start

  1. Ahiahi pai Whaea and Mrs Grant
    Jamie here from St Pats! This sounds and looks like a really fun activity, but unfortunately where I am it is far from sunny. I will still try my best to do this activity, and will come back to the Step it Up activity tomorrow(hopefully a sunny day).
    Have a lovely afternoon and a Happy New Year!!

  2. kia ora Mrs Grant,
    This is an amazingly fun activity,
    I love this activity it is the most creative one so far.
    I have had lots of fun doing this activity
    Nga Mihi

    1. Kia ora Willa,
      Thank you for your comment. I am sure Mrs Kirkpatrick will appreciate that you found this so creative and fun.
      The commenting team will be back on Monday and look forward to reading and commenting on more of your posts.

      Ngā mihi,
      Mrs Grant

    1. Kia ora Jasmine, I can see that your most recent post was yesterday (Saturday).The commenting team take a break over the weekend and will be back on Monday to comment on your posts. Well done on your efforts sharing on your blog over the past couple of weeks. Reminder, you are also able to reply to the commenting team on your blog too. They enjoy replying to comments and this is a great way to start a conversation especially on activities that are your favourites.
      Ngā mihi,
      Mrs Grant

  3. Kia ora Whaea and Mrs Grant.
    I really loved this cool shawdow activity. It was a really hot summer day and I outside finding some flowers to draw. I found some really nice ones, mostly daisys. Whaea you made this task an wonderful experiment to show off how art can be done in any types of ways.


    Have you made your own shadow art piece?
    Did you enjoy making this activity.
    Hows your holiday going?

    Thanks Swaimah <3

    1. Thanks for the feedback Swaimah,
      Mrs Kirkpatrick created this activity and I am sure she would’ve tried this with her students in the past. We are all enjoying our holidays, thank you! Hoping for more sunny days and not so much rain.

      ngā mihi,
      Mrs Grant

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