Paint with Music

The Summer Learning Journey kick off is Monday 12th December.

Register to participate here

Warm up by trying these teaser activities – remember to share on your blog.

25 thoughts on “Paint with Music

  1. Kia Ora!

    I am Emilee from New Brighton Catholic School and I am 10.

    My teacher has been encouraging us to do the SLJ. This kind of stuff is right up my alley and is so fun! This activity is so far my favourite because of how I could let myself make a picture with the flow of the song.

    I have already done 2 of these and this will be my 3rd! The opportunity for our school to be involved with this is amazing and I am so grateful. Keep up with the interesting activities! I will make sure to do every one. 😄

    Sincerely, Emilee

    1. HI Emilee
      my name is katelyn and i am 10 to i think this activate is fun to and i am on my 1st one i only joined 2 days a gow and i think it is fun.

  2. Thank you for the positive feedback Emilee, great to hear you are enjoying these warm up activities.
    The Summer Learning Journey starts on Monday 12th with at least two blog posts shared each day. The commenting team will also be reading and commenting on your blog if you are registered.
    Everyone who participates will receive a certificate and a digital badge for their blog and there are some great prizes up for grabs for our most active bloggers. It’s also a lot of fun! You can register here if you haven’t already.
    Kia manahau! Enjoy, Mrs Grant

  3. talofa lava!!! it is me Sia Manu and Sia men’s flower and I am Tongan and I love the art game and it is cool and when you are going to be at Tonga and it is cool and fun too at Tonga!

  4. Kia ora my name is Jayden and I am a year 7 student at tautoro school I really like the summer learning journey I can not wait until the summer holidays. Activities are one of my favorite things to do. I have already started my painting and I am still trying to complete it is super duper fun.

    I can not wait for new activities to come there so awesome and they just keep getting better and better keep up the awesome activities.

      1. Kia Ora Fiona Grant, my name is Leata from room 8. I really have a question to ask, do you think this we can do the OLD work from the Summer Learning Journey blog. (I am just wonder, sorry)

  5. HI Emilee
    my name is katelyn and i am 10 to i think this activate is fun to and i am on my 1st one i only joined 2 days a gow and i think it is fun and i am from wigram primary school

  6. Hi my name is sia and I love it and are you going to be at the prize-giving and if you are comeing I will be happy beyyyyy !!!###

    1. Kia ora Helena, Well done getting in early and trying out the teaser week activities. Glad to hear that you are registered and looking forward to participating again this year,

      ngā mihi nui,
      Mrs Grant

  7. Kia ora, Hi Fiona my name is Krish i really like your blog post i like how you are saying that it is going to be lots of fun . Ka kite anō .


    1. Thank you for the feedback Krish, we are glad you enjoyed the activity and hope you enjoy participating. The first activity for the Summer Learning Journey will be posted at 9am on Monday.

      ngā mihi nui

  8. Kia Ora Mrs Grant,

    I enjoyed learning about painting with music, but I was not able to try the actual activity on the website. I have tried multiple times to access this task for both kick start and step it up. It would be really helpful if you could give some suggestions to help me access the activity.

    Thank you

      1. Kia Ora Mrs Grant,

        Thank you for replying to my comment. I have decided to use a Kandinsky I’ve painted for this task instead.

        Would it be alright if I use my Kandisky artowork for this activity?

        Thank you
        Te Raumati

  9. Kia Ora, My name is Laura and I’m from Saint Patrick’s School. This activity was entertaining and fun. I like how you can draw anything and put stamps or animals to make it sound exclusive.

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