It’s Cool to be Kind

14 thoughts on “It’s Cool to be Kind

  1. Kia ora Parth,
    Thank you for the feedback, look forward to seeing you share your activity and comments. We will also be awarding prizes for the top commenters this summer.
    All comments that are positive, thoughtful or helpful will receive points. Remember to submit a link to your published comment using the form in this activity and find out more here

    Nā Mrs Grant

  2. HI its lukus from south hornby school i like the way you were saying what you can earn from doing the activites and being so cool about it by.

    1. Thanks Lukus, It’s a bonus if you can leave quality comments for other bloggers over the summer and a great way to connect with others who are participating in the Summer Learning Journey too.
      Remember to submit links to your comments using the comment form. We have prizes for top commenters again this year.

      Comment Form

      Ngā mihi
      Mrs Grant

  3. Kia Ora Mrs Grant,

    I found this activity fun and challenging. I just have one question, do you know where I can find the comment form?

    Thank you
    Te Raumati

    1. Kia ora Te Raumati,
      The link to the comment form is in the blog post. Here is a direct link to the form too.
      Comment Form
      I recommend bookmarking the form on your Chromebook so you are able to submit your links quickly every time you post a comment.
      Kia manahau!
      Mrs Grant

  4. Dear Mrs. Grant: Faafua from Edmund Hillary School in Papakura is here. This movie helps me learn how to be kind, and I like and found this challenge to be challenging. I appreciate how you may get money by engaging in the activities. You’re a fantastic instructor. enjoy your day

  5. Kia Ora Im Cairo from edmund hillary school I enjoyed the reading and listining to your video it is very helpful and I appreciate your instructions and is helpful thank you.

    1. Ngā mihi Cairo, Appreciate the feedback I am glad the video was helpful.

      Awesome to see you participating in the Summer Learning Journey this year.

      Kia manahau! Enjoy!
      Mrs Grant

  6. Kia Ora, Miss Grant. Just a question right here, how do you get onto other students blog? Clicking on there icon doesn’t work.
    Thank you!

    1. Kia ora Angel,
      Choose a blog to comment on. This link opens and you will see buttons for all the clusters. You could click the Manaiakalani button to see who is blogging in our cluster. When you find a blog you want to comment on click ‘read more’ to open their blog.

      Remember to submit your comment using the comment form,
      Mrs Grant

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