Where’s Wally this Summer? (Kick Start)


14 thoughts on “Where’s Wally this Summer? (Kick Start)

  1. Kia ora Mrs Taylor, Swaimah here. I love how you made this task on a book that EVERYONE loves. Finding Where Wally is a really good book. My adventure was a bit tricky to do at first because I was confused. I now know what to do.


    Have you created your own wheres wally adventure?
    Do you love finding wheres wally?

    Thanks Swaimah <3

    1. Hi Swaimah,

      I don’t think it matters how old you are, everybody loves to find Wally and that includes me. I got the idea from a class that I’d been teaching. You can probably guess that they too love Wally. I’m glad you have been able to work out what to do. I look forward to seeing what you created.

      Mrs Taylor 🙂

  2. Kia Ora!
    I have been doing a SLJ Marathon today. I have missed out on 7 activities, and I have decided to do all of them in one day! This will mark my 6th one.

    I cannot wait to complete these and I hope the SLJ team will love my blogposts. Keep up the great work everyone,
    Emilee. 🙂

    1. Kia ora Emilee, Swaimah here from Pt England School. It is really great to see you attending the SLJ! I also agree with you, I did a SLJ marathon because I missed out this whole weeks task/activities.


    2. Kia ora Emilee,

      You are doing a fantastic job with all the Summer Learning Journey activities! I am really happy that you are enjoying them. Is there one activity that you are hoping comes up this year?

      Keep up the fantastic work!

      Mrs Taylor 🙂
      Uru Mānuka Education Programme Leader

  3. Kia Ora, Jamie here!
    This was a really fun activity to do, and I also asked my brother to find me. He found me so quickly! Anyways, thanks for sharing, this was really fun to do. I will now do the Step-it-up activity

    1. Kia ora Jamie,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Some people are just really quick at finding things in the Where’s Wally pictures and some are not. I can find objects quickly but I’m not very good at finding Wally.

      Out of all the SLJ activities you have done so far, which one has been your favourite?

      Mrs Taylor 🙂
      Uru Mānuka Education Programme Leader

  4. Kia ora Ms Taylor,
    This activity was fun and entertaining. The first slide I did was easy for my siblings to find me, but on the second slide it took my siblings a while to figure out where I was, but thank you for sharing the activity and please check my work on my blog because i have posted it yesterday and there are no comments neither responses.
    – Atu

    1. Kia ora Atu,

      Awesome work! It’s great that you enjoyed the activity. It was some of my students that asked me to make something around Where’s Wally so I’m pleased to hear others have enjoyed it too.

      Keep up the amazing work you are doing.

      Mrs Taylor 🙂
      Uru Mānuka Education Programme Leader

  5. Kia ora Mrs Taylor,
    Today I have started the SLJ tasks , I have missed so many tasks, So this is my 2nd task ( 1st not including Comic quest ) to do. I finished it and this task was so so much fun to do , I really enjoyed sharing this with my sibling, Some it was easy some it was hard, Thank you for doing this amazing task, I remember looking at a couple of Where’s Wally books.
    Have a good summer holiday
    And keep up your awesome work
    – Jolin

    1. Also I was wondering do we have to do these in order? Because I just chose a task to do, But amazing work and this task was awesome!

      1. Hi Jolin,

        No you don’t have to do them in any order. You can choose the activities that you most want to do. You can use the tabs at the top of the blog to find specific curriculum areas that you like, such as Art, Science, Maths etc.

        Have fun!

        Mrs Taylor 🙂

    2. Kia ora Jolin,

      Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey, it’s great to have you with us. I’m glad you enjoyed this activity and had fun sharing it with your sibling. Were they able to find you easily or were you well hidden? Everybody seems to know Where’s Wally in some form or other, I too have seen some of his books.

      I hope you continue to do some of the activities as we look forward to seeing some more of your awesome work.

      Mrs Taylor 🙂

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