Snakes and Ladders Step It Up

7 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders Step It Up

  1. Hello Mrs Grant.
    A few hours ago I did the kick start activity and did addition just so it could be easy.
    Now I have just done the step it up activity, I did multiplication which was also really easy because I knew my basic facts.
    I didn’t watch the video because a few hours ago I learnt how to play snakes and ladders using the video
    and I am very grateful for the video again.
    Do you like playing snakes and ladders?

    1. Kia ora Blane, Well done attempting and completing both the Kick Start and Step It Up activities! Yes I used to play Snakes and Ladders a lot, with my friends, when I was at school. I learnt how to play Mahjong a couple of years ago which also needs me to use my basic facts when scoring. Very helpful!
      Kia manahau!
      Mrs Grant

  2. Kia ora Mrs Grant – Swaimah here. I really love this step it up task because its the actually same thing as the kick start but just different symbols. I decided to do the multiplacation because I know my basic facts.


    Would play snakes and ladders with your friends?
    Do you know your basic facts?

    Swaimah <3

  3. Suostei Mrs Grant
    Jamie here from St Pats. Thank you for making another activity featuring – math! Using math in a fun way will help kids like me get more involved in solving problems. I have a friend that dislikes math, but I think she will like this activity because of how fun and competitive it can be!

    Thanks again for making this activity, and I am looking forward to more activities featuring math. Have a blessed day, and a Merry, Merry Christmas Mrs Grant!!

    1. Kia ora Jamie, Glad to hear that you enjoy the Maths activities. More will be published over the next few weeks. If you click the Maths tag in the widget or at the top of the blog you will see all the Maths activities as they are published.

      Merry Christmas,
      Mrs Grant

      1. Kia Ora Mrs Grant
        thank you for responding to my comment! I will make sure to click on the math tag. Have a lovely day and a Merry Christmas🎄 too!!

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