Which One Doesn’t Belong? Kick Start

4 thoughts on “Which One Doesn’t Belong? Kick Start

  1. Kia Ora Cheryl
    this is Jamie from St Patrick’s School. This activity looks really fun! I remember my teacher showed us some math puzzles and we had to give a reason why a number or shape didn’t belong, like your Step-It-Up showed us. I will definitely try out both activities. Thanks for sharing these activities, Cheryl. Have a lovely day and an even lovelier Christmas!!

  2. Hi cheery.Its crystal from saint mary’s school am i in the summer luring juring.Pls answer back i need to know.From crystal in room 11 and saint mary’s school and i did it last year and i got a prize so pls let me know if i am in it.

  3. Kia ora Cheryl Torrie, Swaimah here from Pt England School. I really love this shapes activitiy you made because making puzzles and finding out why each shape doesn’t belong together is really interesting. My puzzle was on different shapes making a big square. I wrote that each shape has different angles and vertices (corners). I really love that you did a task based on maths because this holiday we bearly learnt anything about maths.


    What made you think of shapes?
    What puzzle have you made out of shapes?

    Thanks Swaimah <3

  4. Hi cheery.
    It’s Atu from Glenbrae school am i in the summer learning journey Please answer back I need to know if I am in it so I won’t have to worry about thinking if I am in or not.
    Anyways this activity was fun and a bit difficult, but the number one is even more difficult for me.

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